About Trowbridge Farm

Trowbridge Farm is a first-generation registered Angus cow-calf farm owned and operated by Mark and Jamie Trowbridge in southern Michigan. 

The farm is dedicated to producing high quality cattle, both for freezer beef and seed-stock replacements. Calves are born on the farm and raised alongside their mothers on grass pastures. Cattle are finished on free-choice hay and supplemented with locally-sourced feed. All freezer beef is ethically and sustainably raised and contains no added hormones. 

The farm will also be offering natural, pasture-raised chicken in 2024. 

Trowbridge Farm was initially started in 2012, when Mark bought his first two registered Angus cows. After realizing he wanted to farm and raise cattle, he slowly grew the herd from there. The opportunity to purchase what was his great-grandfather's land in 2017 allowed the farm to grow in to what it is today.